Henderson Island


Henderson Island has gained legendary status for whitetail deer, but eastern wild turkey, waterfowl, freshwater fish, alligators, and more also call the property home.


The grounds have been groomed for trophy-quality deer since it was purchased by Mrs. Magdalen O. Bryant in 1987. Severely overpopulated, the largest buck harvested in that first year was a185 lbs. 8-point with 15 in. spread and 16 in. main beams. Shortly afterwards, bow became the primary hunting method at Henderson Island.


Professional biologists’ efforts to maintain harvesting opportunity, herd quality, and habitat are a daily battle that results in the deer harvest recommendations changing multiple times throughout the season. Keep in mind that elements out of our control — weather, water, food/cover distribution, and mosquito density — alter harvesting opportunity.


Maintaining the wildlife hinges on summer planting of corn, peanuts, soybeans, peas, milo, clover, and millet. Flooding in April to mid-July brings fertile soil that results in increased plant growth and helps our deer population grow their famous antler spread. Turkey nesting and optimal foraging by deer in winter is achieved by seasonal plantings of crimson clover, wheat, oats, Austrian peas, and ryegrass. In addition to human efforts, the property cultivates its own menu of dewberry, fall asters, native legumes, trumpet vine, pokeberry, greenbriar, persimmon, native pecan nuts, honey locust pods, and acorns.